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22q and me22q and me22q and me2EnglishKids ContentKids<p>overview<br></p><figure class="asset-c-80 widescreen"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""</div></figure> <div class="callout2"><p>Click on a topic in the menu, and then click anywhere to continue the story. Please note this module is under development and only to be viewed by those participating in the research study, "Assessing the Utility of an Interactive Educational Module in Facilitating Discussion of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome between Parents and their Children". Thank you.<br></p></div>Game22qandme
AcceptanceAcceptanceAcceptanceAEnglish ContentKids<p>30 minutes; Ages 8–13</p><p>Click through conversations to learn about building relationships on common interests, traits and experiences.</p> <br><iframe src="" width="754px" height="697px"></iframe>Gameacceptance
All About PeeingAll About PeeingAll About PeeingAEnglish ContentKids<p>10 minutes; Ages 5–8</p><p>The bladder and the brain work together to keep you healthy. Learn what they do and how important peeing is to our health. </p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure> Gameall-about-peeing
All About the HeartAll About the HeartAll About the HeartAEnglish ContentKids<p>6:11; Ages 5–11</p><p>Join Red Blood Cell as he explains how he moves about in the body to deliver things the body needs to stay healthy.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="akh-video">src=""</div></figure><br><br>Videoall-about-the-heart
Asthma: Make the Right ChoiceAsthma: Make the Right ChoiceAsthma: Make the Right ChoiceAEnglish ContentKids<p>5 minutes; Ages 5–7</p><p>Whimsey must make healthy choices every day so her asthma does not 'act up'. Help Whimsey make the healthier choice in six scenarios.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gameasthma-make-the-right-choice
Belly BonanzaBelly BonanzaBelly BonanzaBEnglish ContentKids<p>5:25; Ages 6–11</p><p>Blueberry and Green Pea have just been eaten. Follow them through the digestive system to see where they end up in body!</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="akh-video">src=""</div></figure><br>Videobelly-bonanza
Bladder Training for KidsBladder Training for KidsBladder Training for KidsBEnglishNANANANANACaregiversNA ContentKids<p>7:04; Ages 6–11</p><p>Becky the Bladder and Will the Water Bottle explain how drinking water and peeing regularly help keep the bladder healthy.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""</div></figure>Videobladdertraining
Concentrate on AsthmaConcentrate on AsthmaConcentrate on AsthmaCEnglish ContentKids<p>8 minutes; Ages 8–10</p><p>Help Brayden play a memory game on his computer and learn how he avoids asthma triggers and stays healthy.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure><br>Gameconcentrate-on-asthma
Derek's Thrilling VictoryDerek's Thrilling VictoryDerek's Thrilling VictoryDEnglish ContentKids<p>overview<br></p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamedereks-thrilling-victory
Diabetes: day by dayDiabetes: day by dayDiabetes: day by dayDEnglish ContentKids<p>11 minutes; Ages 7–9</p><p>Join Megan for a day and help her make important choices to keep her diabetes under control on a school field trip.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamediabetes-day-by-day
Epilepsy ExplainedEpilepsy ExplainedEpilepsy ExplainedEEnglish ContentKids<p>20 minutes; Ages 9–14</p><p>Troy has a secret underground locker full of gadgets. Click on them to learn about epilepsy and what it’s like to have it.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gameepilepsy-explained
Explore feelingsExplore feelingsExplore feelingsEEnglish ContentKids<p>Help Hero and Monarch save the day! Learn about feelings and problem-solving, and make alien friends on new and exciting planets.<br></p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="" /></a></figure><br>Gameexplore-feelings
Fun food groupsFun food groupsFun food groupsFEnglish ContentKids<p>3 minutes; Ages 8+</p><p>Learn about food groups and earn points by dragging food to the proper group. Careful — if you choose the wrong group, you can lose points.<br></p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamefun-food-groups
Justin's DiabetesJustin's DiabetesJustin's DiabetesJEnglish ContentKids<p>10 minutes; Ages 9–12</p><p>Justin has diabetes and he wants to go to summer camp. Help Justin show his parents he is responsible enough to look after himself.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamejustins-diabetes
Kids animation testKids animation testKids Animation TestKEnglishKids ContentKids<p>This is a test<br></p><figure class="asset-c-100"><iframe src="" style="width:100%;height:700px;"></iframe> </figure> <br> <br>Gametest
Kids on BullyingKids on BullyingKids on BullyingKEnglish ContentKids<p>2:19; Ages 4–8</p><p>Hear from other kids about what bullying is, the different types of bullying, and why someone might bully.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="akh-video">src=""</div></figure>Videokids-on-bullying
Monarch's MissionMonarch's MissionMonarch's MissionMEnglish ContentKids<p>25 minutes; Ages 11 and under</p><p>Choose your captain and complete missions in space by learning to recognize emotions and respond to them appropriately.</p><div class="asset-iframe-respon"> <iframe src=""></iframe> </div>Gamemonarchs-mission
Oliver's TonsillectomyOliver's TonsillectomyOliver's TonsillectomyOEnglish ContentKids<p>7 minutes; Ages 8–10</p><p>Flip through Oliver’s scrapbook and see his photos of his tonsillectomy. Each page explains a little about his operation at SickKids.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure><br><br><br>Gameolivers-tonsillectomy
PubertyPubertyPubertyPEnglish ContentKids<p>15 minutes; Ages 8–12</p><p>Scroll through the comic strip to help Mindi and Mark investigate puberty myths and uncover a puberty survival guide.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamepuberty
Radiation: What's it Like?Radiation: What's it Like?Radiation: What's it Like?REnglish ContentKids<p>6:51; Ages 5–10</p><p>Michael explains what radiation therapy is like and how it works. Learn what to expect and how to help the therapists do their job well.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="akh-video">src=""</div></figure>Gameradiation-whats-it-like
The Carb Count GameThe Carb Count GameThe Carb Count GameTEnglish ContentKids<p>5 minutes; All ages</p><p>Practise counting carbohydrates at every meal. Set carbohydrate limits, then choose meals by dragging foods up to the counter.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamecarb-count-game
The Pathology LabThe Pathology LabThe Pathology LabTEnglish ContentKids<p>2 minutes; Ages 7–11</p><p>A walk through the pathology lab, where doctors examine blood and other bodily fluids, organs and tissues.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="akh-video">src=""</div></figure>Videopathology-lab
Wally's tonsillectomyWally's tonsillectomyWally's tonsillectomyWEnglish ContentKids<p>3 minutes; Ages 5–7</p><p>Wally is getting his tonsils taken out. Listen to his experience through interactive elements.</p><figure class="swf-asset-c-80"> <div class="asset-animation">src=""<br></div></figure>Gamewallys-tonsillectomy
animation test 2animation test 2animation test 2aEnglishKids ContentKids<p>​This is an animation test page<br></p><figure class="asset-c-100"><iframe src="" style="width:100%;height:530px;"></iframe> </figure><br><br>test2